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PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 2:56 pm 
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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Lorne Davidson
Age: 36
D.O.B.: 17 February
P.O.B.: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): American
Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"
Build: Average Build
Skin Tone: Fair
Hair: Short blonde
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Features: None

Playby: William Beck

Family: Iain (Father, Professor) DECEASED, Joanna (Mother, Housewife, store clerk), Suzanne (Sister, Younger)
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment


A. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN MILITARY background:

Rank: Technical Sergeant
Branch of Military: Air force
Current Role: Technician
Previous Employment: Avionics Systems Specialist
Level of Entry: Enlisted
Years served: Twelve Years
Specialist skills: Avionics

Additional Information:

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

Lorne was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. His father hailed from across the Atlantic in Scotland but a chemistry professor he found that ultimately his small town in the scottish highlands offered little in the way of opportunity. Taking up the job of professor at the University of Michigan Iain met Joanna, a graduate and lab tech. The whirlwind romance led to marriage in just a matter of months with Lorne's birth following shortly after. His father, ten years older than his mother wasn't a typical 'Dad', Lorne had no recollection of kicking around in the park. Infact his father spent long hours at the university away from the family. Joanna on the other hand had taken to motherhood quickly and doted upon her first born.

The birth of his sister followed some five years later. Following a health scare, Iain had somewhat begrudinly retired from his position at the university and the family had moved to Whitmore Lake, Michigan. The kind of town where everybody knew everybody and nobodys business was their own.Lorne with all the niavity of a six year old might have assumed that things would have changed now that his father had taken the role of the full timer househusband whilst his mother had taken a job working part time at the local haberdashery. It had been a purely social decision driven by years of looking after the children 24-7. His father however remained just as a loof choosing to spend his days in his study rather than in living room with he and his sister.

Lorne had perhaps somewhat predictably followed in his fathers footsteps at school he was undeniably a nerd with few friends to speak of. His spent his breaks buried in a book sat under the canopy of a tree whilst the other kids used up their excess energy on the football field. One of the perks of his mostly female upbringing had meant that he felt largely comfortable around girls his best friend a freckled cheeked mousy brown haired girl named Naomi who every member of his family had considered a figmanent of his mind and every kid at school had looked right through just as they had done him.

Lorne's nerdy exterior might have suggested that the good grades would have followed but his fathers death following a heart attack in his last year of high school had thrown him off kilter. His father would have rolled in his grave with Lorne achieving far less than his full potential.Choices limited and a life resenting academia thanks to his father Lorne had finished high school going straight to work in the local hardware store, three shops down from his mothers own place of work.

Lornes path eventually led him to the US Airforce, age 24 when he finally enlisted a career choice that surprised most of this family. With little history of family with careers in the forces Lorne had grown to the idea working under Archer, a retired service man at the hardware store. Archer was everything his father wasn't, showing active interest in his life and his future. Lorne had always considered that he had become Archers pet project working tirelessly to get out of the hardware shop and living life. If he was honest it was more than the constant nagging that made him eventually enlist, it was the idea of finally doing something with his life rather than being the product of his own family.

Scoring highly in aptitude testing, and working well within basic traning Lorne completed technical training at Sheppard Air Base specialising in avionics.The field fascinated him, playing to his strengths, able to read, store and recall information building a strong foundation with thein the field. Grabbing a hold of each opportunity with both hands Lorne moved up the ranks building and expanding his knowledge in an area which continued to fascinate him. However no opportunity has excited him quite as much the one nestled within Cheyenne Mountain.

His abilities were recognised upon his most recent deployment taking the lead following the injury of his commanding officer. With the mission hanging balance Lornes calm and collected head under pressure Lorne managed to patch up the fried navigations system in full McGyver style. He might not have been everybody's best friend but he had done the job ensuring the safety of his unit receiving a commendation and becoming the subject of his mothers bragging in the process.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths:
Lorne is good with his hands, he enjoys jobs where he get his hands dirty, pull things apart and putting them back together again. As proven by his airforce aptitude testing Lorne is bright and logical problem solver. Part of this being both cool and calm under pressure.

ii. Character Weaknesses:
Lorne has the tendancy to retreat back into himself, more than happy in his own company his friends are limited. Lorne is not an overly emotional person, any emotions he holds within which can mean he can appear cold and reserved. However beneath the surface there is a lot going on, coupled with long days with only his own company it could lead to a few issues.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour:
Lornes a thinker and a doer, as such he doesnt waste time talking over the options he will logically consider the options and take the appropraite response. This part of his personality has come in handy in the airforce meaning that he follows orders quickly and quietly. Although seeming as though he would prefer to work alone Lorne enjoys the company of others especially women. He has never really been much of a 'dude' never really enjoying sports or socialising with other guys so he sometimes finds it difficult to fit in harbouring feelings of inadequcy despite everything he has achieved. He has a quirky personality, flashes of the high school nerd coming to the foreground every now and again.

C. Additional Information

Ancient gene: Yes, weak. Enough to make things glow, but hasn't been utilised.

RP Sample (in character):
"Lorne, your sister wants to know when your coming home?", his mothers face appeared distracted in the webcamera her attentions clearly elsewhere as cheer erupted from the living room. Lorne sighed pushing his fingers through his short hair, "Mom, I told you before I'm not due leave until christmas", he replied pushing the macbook further forward his own image shrinking in the tiny box in the bottom right hand corner. "Was Suzie really asking?", he questioned knowing the answer before the question had even come out of his mouth. His sister was yet another ploy his mother had employed to try and get him to come home more often. The reality was that Suzie and her perfect husband to be probably gave very little thought to when he would be coming home. The two had been close when they were younger, they had had no choice but to be with his fathers never ending days spent in the study but they had since led very different lives, his sisters leading her to university and work as a legal secretary and his leading him here.

"Of course she was darling", his mothers smile intense full on down the lens daring him to question it again. He decided to let it lie a moment of silence passing over them. "Look Mom, I have to go. I'm on shift in a bit. I'll catch up with soon okay?", less of a question and more of a closing statement. The reality had been that he has next day off and had grand plans for it, plans that included back to back viewing of Parks and Recreation rather than more of the same with his mother over facetime. He moved to close the macbook as his mothers "Okay darling, take care and stay safe", rattled through the speakers. His nodded plastering a smile of sorts on his thin lips before closing the conversation and the macbook in one smooth motion. He was 36 yet it still felt that his mother viewed him as the six year old who had made the move to Whitmore Lake, painfully niave to the world.

He let out another sigh as he pushed the macbook off his denin clad legs and onto the duvet glancing at the clock, it was 9:34pm. Every other off duty airman was probably enjoying a drink between a game of pool, at least that was how he had imagined it. He hadn't been all that interested in finding out whether he had been right but he had to assume that he was. He hadn't made it as far as he had by drinking every night, he'd done it by turning the pages of his books occassionally folding the corners of sections he knew he need to come back to some time soon, the very same books which propped up his pillows, the pillows that he nestled his head on mere moments later.

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Welcome on board. Please fill in your face claim, character comfort levels and who's who entries, and then you are free to post your plotter, post in others', and get playing.

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