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 Post subject: Navia Ayonis
PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2015 2:36 am 
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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Ayonis, Navia Marciel
Age: 38
D.O.B.: April 13, 1976 (equiv)
P.O.B.: Sebetum Garrison, Genii Homeworld.
Nationality: Genii
Gender: Female

Height: 5’ 8”
Build: Fit. Like any good little Genii, she sticks to the prescribed recommended daily exercise.
Skin Tone: Tanner than the average Genii
Hair: Black, she usually wears it pinned back, but the wisps around her face tend to have their own ideas.
Eyes: Very dark brown.
Distinguishing Features: She has 2 strawberry birthmarks. One halfway between her neck and left shoulder, another on her right hip.

Playby: Sandrine Holt

Family: Dafith Ayonis, Father (deceased), Pena Ayonis Chard, (mother), Kopic Chard (stepfather) No Siblings
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

Title: Lab Administrator
Job/function: It is the lab administrator’s job to ensure the smooth running of the lab, including but not limited to personnel, assigning of lesser tasks, supply, and document management.
Specialist skills: Highly Organized, Almost Eidetic like Memory, Basic (though rusty) hand to hand and marksmanship skills.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History

Navia’s father, Dafith, toiled in the ore processing plants of the Sebetum Garrison. While she was still young, he perished when a cauldron broke lose. Her mother was faced with either taking his place on the production line or returning home to the Genii Capital Bunker. Pena chose to return. She found work as a seamstress, specializing in repairing soldiers uniforms. The money she made was barely enough for a place to rest their heads and put food on their table, and took most of her time. Nadia took over running the household when she was only 7. She discovered a knack for bartering, not just talking down a price, but getting her hands on items of interest to trade for other items. The year she managed to barter for a pair of steel shears for her mother’s birthday is still one of her proudest moments.

Unable to get a familial necessity waiver, Navia entered the military the month she turned 16. Her first interactions with the elites in her unit did not go well, neither did the second or the third. It was while she was hiding in a broom closet nursing a broken rib that she realized she was doing it all wrong. She would never be their friend, she would never be able to compete on their level, but if she could get them what they secretly wanted they would owe her. Then she would have the upper hand.

Things went quite well from there.

While she was serving, her mother remarried one of the soldiers she had been working for. Navia was initially happy that there was someone to look after Pena, but over time the relationship has become strained. It is not that Kopic was a bad man, but he certainly wasn’t a good one. He saw Navia methods of procurement as shady and undermining the State. The only thing that has kept him from reporting her is that it would kill her mother.

Upon the completion of her mandatory term in the military, Navia reenlisted in the logistics division where her organizational skills were only outstripped by her talent at procurement. It was one particularly convoluted barter involving home brew, tickets to the Ganderlin Dance Troupe, a dozen tanga, and a small quantity of lab grade vanadium that brought her to the attention of Chief Scientist Ladon Radim. She has been his Lab Administrator for the last 7 years.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: It is a rare individual that she can’t suss out what they want, because of this she has an extensive net of contacts, both on and off world. Her impressive memory lets her recall the littlest details, and she has an unconventional way of thinking that connects those little details in surprising ways.

ii. Character Weaknesses: It is very rare for her to be spontaneous, she sees the world in terms of acquisitions and considerations. Every action has a cost. Everything has a price.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour: To those unable to see the little details, she can come across as a bit cool. However if you have something she needs, she can be amazingly persuasive. To those who can see the little details, she is very caring to those who are important to her, without actually expressing it.

C. Additional Information

Navia has a weakness for flowers, in particular the red-gold fallon lily. She volunteers when she can at the Com. Allum Rajick Memorial Conservatory so that she can sit by herself a few minutes in the heady perfume of the Lily room. Her most prized possession is a small bottle of that scent, that she uses sparingly. She has tried growing the lily herself, but hasn’t the talent for it.

Ancient gene: Very Unlikely (though I think it would be an interesting twist to have a genii with the gene)

RP Sample (in character):

Navia sat outside the examination room and did what one always does. She waited. Dahlia had been feeling weak and not eating for about 4 days when Ladon had made the appointment. Then he had been called unexpectedly off world and Navia walked the pale young lady to the hospital. He hadn’t asked Navia to do this, he never did. He never had to.

Shifting her weight, Navia pulled the ever present note pad out of her pocket. Another delve into the same pocket resulted in a graphite stick. She flipped over the cover and began making a list of things that needed to get done before Ladon returned. That she had no idea when that would be didn’t stop her from filling two of the small pages with crabbed letters. She had always been told her memory was impressive, but somehow writing things down made it all clearer in her mind.

The door swung open and a rather handsome lab tech came out bearing vials for testing. “Kagen?” She called, tucking the notepad back in it’s pocket.

Kegan glanced up, then back down at the name on the vials, she could practically see the moment it all clicked. A knowing smile on his lips, he sauntered over and placed a light kiss on her cheek. “Hello Beautiful, what brings you down to my level?” The double meaning made her chuckle.

“Just escort duty.” She replied, watching a second tech come down the hallway. The lesser attractive tech’s face revealed that the sight of Kagen chatting up a pretty thing was not that unusual. She placed her hand on Kagen’s arm just to reinforce it. “Though I am glad I bumped into you, I was curious how things were going with Secha. She has seemed down lately.”

“I don’t want to know what you have heard. There is just enough truth to it to make her leery of seeing me again.”

“Well, we can’t have that.” Leaning in close, she jotted down a name and exchange on the corner of the test orders. “Maybe this will speed things up.” She smiled slyly, adding her own double meaning.

He looked over the info, his usual smirk turning into a smile. “It just might. Thanks, beautiful.” With a wave, he headed down the hall. Navia expected she would have a copy of the test results before dinner, the Jasier would appreciate the new customer for his perfumes.


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PM in your inbox. :)

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Welcome on board. Please fill in your face claim, character comfort levels and who's who entries, and then you are free to post your plotter, post in others', and get playing.

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