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US Air Force
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How did you find us? Googled ‘the gateroom’ while feeling nostalgic

Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Fiametta “Fia” Cara Serigliano
D.O.B.: Nov 1,1978
P.O.B.: North End, Boston, MA USA
Nationality: Italian American

Height: 5’ 7”
Build: Athletic
Skin Tone:Light Olive
Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of a rosary encircling ankle and down right foot. Knife scar on upper right thigh.

Playby: Valeria Golina

Family:Father: Carlo Serigliano (deceased 1982) Mother: Lucia Renaldo (deceased 1984)No siblings, but large extended family
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

Branch of Military: Air Force
Current Role: Combat Rescue Officer, 48th Rescue Squadron
Previous Employment: SERE Instructor, The 66th TRS, Det. 2
Level of Entry:O-1
Years served: 12
Specialist skills: Pararescue,Free Fall Parachutist,Advanced SERE,Underwater Egress,Combat First Aid,
Additional Information: Monsignor Ryan Memorial High School 1997 3.28 GPA Bachelor of Classics from College of the Holy Cross 2001 GPA 3.39, Member of the 1996 Olympic Swim Team, Red Cross Certified Swimming Instructor(current), USA Swimming Certified Coach (current) Fluent in Italian, proficient in Latin and Greek.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History:

Fia was raised by her grandparents, after her parents abandoned her to move to Los Angeles in 1981. Despite this she never felt unwanted, due to having a very large extended family. She was closest to her uncle, Domenico (called Tito ‘little uncle’), who was only 9 years older than she. Her childhood was fairly normal. When she was 9, Tito joined the Marines. She started paying attention to the news, and realized how much danger he was in. The next time he was home on leave, she begged him not to go back. He explained that he was doing what he did to make sure she could do what she wished to do, whatever that turned out to be.

Knowing she had his unshakable support gave her the courage to start swimming competitively, at which she excelled. Her race of choice was the individual medley. By far the most grueling of the matches, she found herself more at peace the longer the swim. She was thrilled when she was invited to join the 1996 US Olympic Swim team, the first person she told was Tito. Win or lose, the honor of taking part in an important world unifying event was more than she had ever hoped for in her life. She competed in the women's 400-meter individual medley, advanced to the event final, and finished eighth overall with a time of 4:46.20.

Coming back was a let down. Though she continued to compete for the sake of scholarships, she had not the heart for it. She was accepted at Holy Cross college, doing well in class and on the swim team. Earning a degree in the classics was a challenge academically, and she worked hard, but she did not pursue it with passion. Only those who knew her well could see she was adrift.

That changed Feb 18, 1999. Master Sergeant Domenico Serigliano was killed in action while stationed in Afghanistan. Standing at his memorial service, Tito’s words came back to her. He had done what he did to make sure she could do what she wished to do. Cousin Sofia: pregnant with her third child, this one finally a girl, Cousin Guermo: just graduated from Law School, Cousin Vittoria: newly elected to City Council, They all had dreams. Someone had to take his place and make sure the world remained safe enough for those dreams. That was what she would do, in his memory.

She didn’t just drop everything and join the marines. While they had been a good fit for Tito, she was a very different person. She joined the Delayed Entry Program with the Air Force, finishing up her Bachelor's degree. She also took that time to research where her talents would be a most use. She settled on SERE, with the intent of becoming a water survival instructor. Attaining that position did not take her long, but after a few years, she became restless. That was when she made the move to Combat Rescue. It meant going back to training with recruits who were a bit younger than she. She took it as a challenge. She has been with the 48th Rescue for 6 years now, and restlessness has begun to set in again.

B. General Personality: Fia can get along with most anyone and, if she can’t, she has the sense to bite her tongue. Beneath her congenial exterior is a strong core. She has a very strong will, and a resolute understanding of right and wrong. Though not competitive, she does enjoy a good challenge and is a considerate winner, as well as a gracious loser.

i. Character Strengths: Fia’s strongest character trait is loyalty. To the service, to her family, and to her friends. In that order. She truly embraces the Combat Rescue motto ‘that others may live’. Never has she willingly left a soldier behind, at times running the risk of her own capture.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Fia’s resolute understanding of right and wrong stems from her catholic upbringing. Her judgments can lack wiggle room, and sometimes she will need to be shown the grey areas in a situation, as her thinking tends to black and white.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanor: Fia is never the life of the party, She would be the one sitting with one or two others, having deep conversation. As the party wore on, she would be the one on the back porch convincing the drunk that things are going to be ok. While she is a caregiver she is not the ‘mothering’ type. She won’t take care of someone unconditionally, but she will give them her heartfelt advice. There is, however, a limit to how often she will give this advice...

C. Additional Information: While she rarely has used the knowledge gained in College, she has kept up with it as much as she can. She would definitely recognize the name Catherine Langford, possibly even Daniel Jackson. The chain with her dog tags also has a pull tab from a soda can hanging off it. She wears this in memory of Tito.

Ancient gene: no

RP Sample (in character):

Crouched beside the fallen maple, Fia listened intently for her objective. Unlike it’s companions, the target was trying to be quiet but failing. The thick carpet of brush and leaves found in deciduous forests made for very slow progress if one wanted to remain undetected. Forty yards to her left a branch snapped. Fia smiled. She eased herself forward and down an embankment. The rivulet would help mask her steps, and the targets familiarity with the area may cause them to discount small sounds from that direction. Water lapped over the sides of her keds, soaking the canvas and her feet, and muffled her passing. Fia crept down the culvert.

The target was keeping to the pathway, it’s lack of training obvious. The path intersected the stream 20 years ahead. Fia slowed, making sure that the target would reach the crossing just before her. There would be only a few seconds for her assault. A smile crossed her face as she planned the attack. A grapple and quick strike just under the arm where the target was most sensitive. She could subdue the target first, so not to alert the other two in woods. But that was not her objective, besides that would take the fun out of it. As soon as the jarring pink of the targets top came into view, Fia sprang. The air rang with screams and laughter.

Moments later Fia crashed from the woods, smothered in children. One was over her right shoulder, another tucked under her left arm, and the youngest clinging to her leg. It was the family dog that was her undoing. Wanting to be part of the fun, the mutt loped over and pounced. They all tumbled to the ground in a pile of limbs and laughs.

“OK, you monsters. How about letting Cousin Fia off the ground?” Came a laughing voice over their heads. With a few half-hearted protests, the children parted.
Fia grabbed Rick’s hand, being pulled to her feet. “I’m ok, just a little damp.” She smiled, brushing leaves and dirt off her capris.

“Like I was worried?” He laughed, matching her smile. “These rugrat however, need to go wash up for dinner before Nana catches them. Dirt is NOT allowed in her dining room.”

“Ok, Grampa.” Chirped the eldest, Kara. She rounded up her younger brothers and headed into the house.

Fia and Rick followed as far as the Patio, where Rick pulled two beers out of a cooler. Opening one, he offered it to Fia. “I can’t tell you how surprised I was you accepted our invitation.”

“You know I love spending time with you, Tori, and the grandkids.”

“I also know how much you love your work. Everything ok?”

“Work is great.” Fia took a swig from her beer, trying to pin down a thought that had been plaguing her for the last week.


“Sorry?” She asked, confused by the apparent question.

“There was a but at the end of that sentence.” He leaned back against the stone wall surrounding the patio. “I know you can’t tell me much, Fia. But I’ll listen to whatever you can say.”

“It’s still challenging, what I do, and the rewards are incredible. Knowing that I am making a difference. It’s important to me.” Unconsciously her hand traveled to her dog tag, fiddling with the soda tab also on the chain. Her gaze drifted out over the house, the lawn, the SUV in the drive. All around her were the things she was helping keep safe. “But I feel like there is more I should be doing. Like all this is my responsibility, is that prideful?”

“Do you think you are the only one who can succeed at this responsibly?” He asked. With the small shake of her head, he continued. “Do you take on this responsibility for the sake of the accolades it will get you?” Again she shook her head. “Then is it not pride that is making you want more, but a caring heart. You are a good woman, Fiametta. You’ll figure it out.” He squeezes her shoulder in reassurance. “And until you do, you will keep saving the world, one person at a time.”


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Welcome on board! If you want to, sort yourself a plot request thread, post in others, and get stuck in!

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