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 Post subject: Ronon Dex
PostPosted: Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:41 am 
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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Ronon Dex
Age: 28
D.O.B.: 163 Sprockle (August 1, 1986)
P.O.B.: Sateda
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien):Satedan
Gender: Male

Height: 6'4"
Build: Endurance/Combat Athlete
Skin Tone: Light Brown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Features: Thick dreadlocked hair and imposing presence.

Playby: Jason Momoa

Family: Grandfather (deceased), Melena (Life Partner, deceased)
Marital Status: Widower (or close enough)

Section 2: Employment


C. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is a non-Tau'ri character:

Title: Specialist
Job/function: Military Defense
Specialist skills: Infantry, Urban Combat, Hand to Hand Combat, Wilderness Survival, Guerrilla Warfare, Anti-Wraith Specialty Tactics.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History
Ronon Dex was born at an early age on the industrialized world of Sateda. Other than training with his grandfather during a unique illness and playing with weapons as a child, his youth was hardly remarkable. He spent it being a child, getting sick, playing, primary education, writing poetry, making art, and so on. When he grew to maturity, however, Ronon joined the Satedan military where he rose to eventually hold the rank of Specialist. Eventually he met a woman (doesn't everybody sooner or later?) named Melena who he grew very close to. She would play a part in a very pivotal moment of Ronon's life.

Unfortunately, he had the poor fortune to live in a time when Sateda had progressed far enough in population and technology that the Wraith felt it necessary to attack in force. Ronon fought in the battle, eventually attempting to get his lady love, Melena, through the Stargate to safety. She refused to go, not being able to abandon the wounded and sick who were unable to travel, and so he too stayed in an attempt to protect her. He failed. Melena died before his very eyes and Ronon was captured as the Wraith devastated his home world...

Though fed on initially, the Wraith selected Ronon to become a Runner. Implanted with a tracking bug and set loose to be played with as a cat would toy with a mouse. Used as sport by the Wraith. But they underestimated him, Ronon turned on his pursuers and hunted back. He learned new skills and tactics, procured weapons and gear. He fought his tormentors, trapping them, evading them... killing every single one he could get in his sights. Ronon was reborn in the hunt, turning slightly feral in response to the hardships of his existence.

This is the way he lives until one day, he encounters a new people. Uniforms, weapons... nothing like he's ever seen before.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths: Focused, patient to the point of methodical, and so aware as to appear constantly on edge (almost as if he's waiting for it all to just fall apart into a Wraith ambush), Ronon is a consummate survivor. He has little left in him other than the violence and some measure of revenge against those who ended his former life. It makes him fast, decisive, and deadly.

ii. Character Weaknesses: While his serious faced and on edge demeanor makes him extremely combat effective, it tends to unnerve people of a less survivalist mentality. He is stoic to the point of being quite intimidating, becoming even more intimidating when faced with an enemy as he slips into an impulsive and violent state that can sometimes border the irrational. His intense hatred of the Wraith is also another weak point, in that it drives him to make decisions based on the overriding desire to strike them down without thought for other necessities such as preexisting mission criteria/goals.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanor: Before his time as a Runner (and again after it), Ronon had a very laid back personality. Capable of rolling with the punches and facing challenges with a healthy sense of determination, he enjoys spacial puzzles (such as jigsaws and blacksmith toys). He tends to keep people at a distance, but this is more so that he doesn't have to relive his past as part of the process of letting others in.

C. Additional Information
Ronon carries and has focused mastery of throwing knives, a sword, and a particle magnum pistol. He is an extremely dangerous hand to hand combatant, having displayed the ability to successfully engage and defeat multiple opponents. He has only been stood against by individuals such as Teyla, Lt. Aiden Ford (while on Wraith Enzyme), Teal'c, and other super powered or very advanced combatants. Finally, Ronon has displayed a very advanced intuitive ability to operate foreign weapon systems of other humanoid cultures (Human, Wraith, Goa'uld, etc.) with little or no training.

Ancient gene: Apparently no.

RP Sample (in character):

It was quiet in the forest. Peaceful. One could almost forget in a place like that. The ground was covered in a soft, silent layer of pine needles. One could walk in silence for hours as long as one was careful not to step on fallen sticks. The silence wasn't eerie in a place like that, it wasn't oppressive. It was comforting, so quiet and still that one could almost imagine their thoughts would take form in reality before them. One could almost forget. But forgetting was bad.

Forgetting got one killed.

It wasn't even a good trap, Ronon had set it to give the Wraith hunter something to focus on while it walked into the real trap. The real trap that Ronon was holding the trigger to, a rope connected to the knot that would drop the deadfall and sweep a rope braided around sharpened sticks across the clearing below the tree he sat behind. The Wraith had been day dreaming, or had sent one of the heavy brutes not known for their intelligence ahead of itself, because the sudden sound of the bad trap going off had Ronon making a face to himself.

Ronon moved slowly, peeking around the tree. Two brutes were shuffling around, attempting to grab the hands of their leader as he dangled upside down just out of their reach by a simple noose snare. They were all shouting, two in panic and the third in fury. Ronon shrugged and snatched the trigger in his hand. The deadfall dropped, the spiked rope swept across the clearing, and the two brutes went down in howling agony. Ronon was on them before the dust settled, two slashes with his sword putting them out of their misery.

He looked up, into the eyes of a predator who was only then realizing he was done. A creature that could only stare with an expression trapped between emotions and simple doomed realization as the particle magnum was aimed at its head. "Looks like you forgot." The sound of the weapon discharge sent the birds up from the tree tops, but Ronon was already gone. He didn't have the luxury of rest, he had to prepare for the next one.

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PM sent.

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Please remember to fill in your face claim and who's who.

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