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 Post subject: Christopher Torngate
PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:22 pm 
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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Christopher Torngate
Age: 24
D.O.B.: 19 Feb 1992
P.O.B.: Columbus, Ohio
Nationality (if human)/Species (if alien): Human, American
Gender: Male

Height: 6’ 0”
Build: Lanky, Tall but thin.
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Features: Long gait in his stride, with a slight antisocial tendency.

Playby: Theo James

Family: Alex Torngate, Father, Lisa Howell (Divorced)
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

A. Fill in this section ONLY if your character is of a HUMAN MILITARY background:

Rank: E-4 Senior Airman
Branch of Military: United States Air Force
Current Role: 3D054 - Computer Systems Programming
Previous Employment: Wright-Patterson AFB
Level of Entry: Enlisted
Years served: 2 Years
Specialist skills: Accomplished at linking Tau’ri networks and alien systems, and at translating computer code. Skilled at Cyber Warfare and anti-intrusion programming.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal History
Chris was born in Columbus, Ohio to Alex Torngate, a Chaplain and Lisa Howell, a biotechnology researcher. Chris lived across the midwest of the state, following job opportunities that cropped up across the country, but settled at when Chris was three in Akron, Ohio, USA. Here he spent much of his formative time as a person, with what seemed like “Stable” employment for his mother, and offered decent opportunities for a young child growing up.

Growing up, he had a bit of a rebellious streak, getting into all kinds of trouble as he went, but spent as much time on computers as he could, at the local library in particular. He grew up hearing talk of both matters of religion and science around the dinner table, and so grew to appreciate both. He gained a decent, if not superb, scientific understanding of the world around him for his age and kept himself from being classified as a “total troll” in the basement by his activities in programs such as scouting and boating.

As he grew, he went through school quietly, excelling in math and computer programming, seeing patterns and data in places where many people only saw useless junk or were stumped. Even in high school he did modestly, but slowly over the years his rebellious streak had been replaced with a deep seriousness and change, after the death of his best friend due to a reckless traffic incident that left five dead due to a drunk driver. After high school, he applied to different colleges, including the Air Force Academy and US Coast Guard Academy in Colorado Springs and New London, CT respectively, but was rejected from both institutions.

He went to college at Michigan Tech University in the top corner of the Upper Peninsula, and got a B.S. in Computer Science with a focus in Cybersecurity. During his time there, he became friends with several of the ROTC students from the different branches, and was inspired by them to join any of the services after graduation. When he graduated from the Universities, he enlisted, and shipped off to basic recruit training. Upon graduation, he spent a year and a half working as a part of a cyber warfare detachment stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, Ohio, an odd full circle loop from Ohio to Ohio. He stayed there for a year and a half, before unknowingly stumbling across documents in the course of his duties relating to the Stargate Program, which put him on the radar of Stargate Command, who had him transferred into the command, where he’s spent his time since his accidental discovery. He’s earned security clearance, but is still one of the newer arrivals to the SGC.

B. General Personality

i. Character Strengths:
Chris has a good work ethic, is a decent shot with a weapon, and is a good runner. He also respects the chain of command and “proper” procedure religiously, even if it’s not the most efficient or sometimes “overlooked” by others. He has a fierce moral code that he enforces on himself, and if he gives his word, he’ll keep it.

ii. Character Weaknesses:
Chris is bad at socializing and can get impatient with people who don’t understand how he explains things. He also spends too much time on his work and too little time taking care of himself, unless it impacts his job. He’s not the strongest, but isn’t overtly weak either.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour:
Chris doesn’t like being the center of attention, and stays out of the center spotlight whenever possible. He enjoys being left to his work, but can, at least for a while, fake enjoying social interaction. Even then, he isn’t a sports person or a huge social person. He does his job, does it quickly, and does it thoroughly. He expects the very best from himself, and will push to what is beyond him to reach those expectations.

C. Additional Information

Ancient gene: No.

RP Sample (in character):

[Stargate Command- Earth-Cheyenne Mountain Complex]

Chris extracted himself from underneath the console, where he’d been working on some networking cable. Some new piece of hardware the geniuses in command wanted installed, without regard to who did it. Somehow, Chris had been saddled with that responsibility. Nevermind that his specialty was hooking up alien tech to human tech, no, they had him doing regular IT work. But, a job was a job and Chris wouldn’t complain to anyone else. He finished the wiring, and pushed himself to a keyboard. For another brilliant reason, someone had made these keyboards with the exclusive reason of dialing the gate.

He wheeled over the chair as he went along, pulling up a program and working along. This was what his training was for, securing the network. One thing he couldn’t let happen was allow an exploit like he’d found reveal the Stargate program to someone else. He finished his work quickly and quietly, and then left the room after checking in. He went up the spiral stairs to the observation deck, where he looked out through the glass at the round, upright ring as, right on cue, the alarms blared as SG-5 returned home, covered in soot and grime. Seems they’d been on a planet on fire, or something. Whatever it was, that wasn’t his concern. He took his leave of the room before it was needed for debriefings, and headed to the elevator, swiped his ID card, and ascended a few levels to the office in which he resided while his office closer to the Stargate underwent renovations.

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Welcome on board. Please fill in your face claim, character comfort levels and who's who entries, and then you are free to post your plotter, post in others', and get playing.

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