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 Post subject: Tahirah of Hekuptah
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 6:44 pm 
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Section 1: Personal Details

Name: Tahirah of Hekuptah
Age: 31
D.O.B.: August 18, 1983
P.O.B.: Waset, capital of Hekuptah
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Height: 6’
Build: Hardened from years of Jaffa Training
Skin Tone: Chocolate
Hair: Black in multiple braids
Eyes: Dark brown
Distinguishing Features: Though every care was given to not damage the body of Sekhmet’s future host, some Jaffa training scars were inevitable. As is the custom of her people, Tahirah has permanent green eye make-up tattooed on.

Playby: Christine Adams

Family: Mausika, mother (deceased) Tenutet-Sekhmet, adoptive mother (deceased)
Marital Status: Single

Section 2: Employment

Title: None, Previously Im'abseti (daughter of my heart): Future host of Sekhmet
Job/function: While Tahirah has no official job, she is at the beck and call of the SGC. She has supported them as both a soldier and diplomat.
Specialist skills: Jaffa training. Diplomacy and conflict resolution.

Section 3: General Information

A. Personal history: Tahirah was taken in at the age of 6 by the Goa'uld leader of her planet, Sekhmet, and given the name Nekat. She was placed into the Setmaa, a group of young women that Sekhmet would chose her next host from. This joining was to be more like the Tok’ra version and considered a great honor. She trained hard and rose to the top of the group. At 20 she was named Im'abseti, the chosen heir. She acted as Sehkmet’s steward and counselor.

That changed when the Tau'ri came through the Chapa'ai. They were given a friendly reception, and Nekat was tasked with showing them Hekuptah. All was going well until there was an assassination attempt on Sekhmet, and the SG team was framed for it. In pursuing the truth behind the attempt, Nekat (tahirah) exonerated the Tau'ri but broke one of Sekhmet’s prime laws. As punishment, Nekat was stripped of all her Sepi (deeds), everything she had accomplished since becoming one of the Setmaa. Nekat was declared dead and she became Tahirah again, a peasant of no standing. While traditionally that made Tahirah an entirely different person, Sekhmet knew that those Nekat had offended as Im'abseti would take their revenge on the now helpless Tahirah. So Sekhmet finagled the SG team into taking Tahirah back to earth as Hekuptah’s Ambassador by gifting them a data storage device with Goa’uld history and some technology. Tahirah came through the gate with no more than the clothes on her back.

She resided at the SGC for 10 months, learning about the Tau’ri and teaching them all the Goa’uld history that she knew. After that time she returned to Hekuptah, her new position as broker for a very profitable trade agreement with the Tau’ri assuring her safety from past enemies. Little did she or Sekhmet know that by coming to the attention of the SGC, they had also come to the attention of Ra. He orchestrated a rebellion which resulted in Sekhmet’s death and those loyal to her fleeing through the gate to earth. Ra took possession of Hekuptah and all of it’s people. Having nowhere else to go, Tahirah has remained at the SGC, filling what roles she can.

B. General Personality: She had been renamed Nakat (flame) for a reason, everything she does is hot. When she gets angry is it a blazing flame, when she is friendly it is with a comforting warmth, Even when she is doing nothing there is a sense of smoulder about her.

i. Character Strengths: Having been trained most her life as a mediator, Tahirah can generally understand why people do what they do, and she honestly believes in helping people to make the world a better place.

ii. Character Weaknesses: Since the loss of her homeworld, Tahriah has been adverse to making any commitments beyond what she feels she owes the SGC. She has lost that which had kept her grounded and fears making new connections as they too could be lost.

iii. Personal attitude and demeanour: Tahirah was raised believe in the powers of Ma’at (truth), Shia (fate), and Naunet (chaos). There is no ultimate triumph of good or defeating of evil, these are everpresent cosmic forces. The enlightened know this and focus on maintaining the balance between the two. She also believes in the afterlife in the paradise city of Du'at, which can only be gotten to if one lives one's life by the code of Ma'at (truth.)

C. Additional Information: Tahirah has a fondness for SG-1, and in particular Daniel as he was instrumental in helping her adapt to earth. Were situations different, she would be more than fond of him, but they are not. She has accepted that.

Ancient gene: No, but not adverse to therapy.

RP Sample (in character):

The temple of Ma’at was quiet. Sunlight streamed in the windows far above, tricking it’s way down the painted columns. Brasiers smoldered on the altar, filling the air with calming incense. The walls adorned with tapestries detail great moral victories made by those who followed the teachings. Normally the floor in front of the altar would be covered with a mat and kneeling pillows for those that needed guidance. All such comforts had been removed.

Nekat knelt on the cold sandstone floor, numb. Just two hours before, judgement had been past on her actions, and she had been found guilty. She did not regret what she had done. Her actions had lead to the truth, and in the end that is what mattered. The tau’ri had been cleared of any wrongdoing, Daniel and his friends were free to go home. The code of Ma’at had been upheld. Her heart should have been filled with joy and a good measure of pride. It was not. For the path of truth often extracted high toll.

The soft patter of leather on stone heralded the arrival of her sisters. Tahirah did not look up. She didn’t want to see the sadness on their faces, or worse their disappointment. One of them removed her jewelry: the gold bracelets, the lapis earrings, the precious pectoral that Ima’he had specially made for her. They were place in a cedar chest, the lid closing with the thud of finality. There was the rasp of metal on leather, and another began to cut away the fine linen clothes. These were place in a large metal bowl in the altar beside her. Soon, she was down to a simple bandeau and kilt. The air was thick with the days heat, but never had she felt so cold.

The setmaa formed a circle around her, waiting. Nekat wished she could stop time right there, up until now the dread had been manageable. Rek gesi, time flows. There was the slightest whisper of movement, and Nekat felt her heart drop with in her. Her throat constricted tight, only allowing the tiniest amount of breath. Through a haze of tears, she could barely see the sandaled feet that stopped in front of her.

A gentle hand reached down and cupped her chin, lifting it until their gazes met. “If there was another way, child, we would do it gladly. But no one person can be above our law, no matter how much we love them. It is not fair, it is not just, but it is essential or our words mean nothing.” Nekat tried to reply, but only a strangled sob escaped. Here was Sekhmet, standing over her, just as she had done that day so many years ago. The day she had pulled Nekat out of the dirt and breathed new life into her. That had been the day of Nekat’s birth, and today would be her death.

“I understand, Ima’he, but in my heart you will always be Men’way.” My Mother.

 Post subject: Re: Tahirah of Hekuptah
PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2015 11:25 pm 
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Welcome on board. Please fill in your face claim, character comfort levels and who's who entries, and then you are free to post your plotter, post in others', and get playing.

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